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Property Details


The Village at Malcom Bridge is designed in accordance with the Oconee County Unified Development Code for B‐1 zoning. It is specifically intended that the landscaping, buildings, signage, uses, and hours of operation are regulated in a manner to cooperate harmoniously with the surrounding areas. The maximum proposed building square footage is 10,000 sf per acre or 75,240 sf.

The Village at Malcom Bridge will include 8 single‐story commercial buildings totaling 75,240 sf, which range in size from less than 1,000 sf to up to 4,000 sf. The estimated target restaurant use is 2-4 concepts/locations with most of the remainder to be used for retail, medtail, and professional offices including a planned full-service pharmacy, physical therapy office, fitness and wellness concepts, and education support services (tutoring, music lessons, etc.).

375 parking spaces are proposed which gives a ratio of more than 5 spaces per 1,000 sf. There is a continuous drive around the perimeter of the buildings for staff, customer, vendor, and emergency access. The site is designed to discourage through traffic by eliminating sightlines and direct paths between each public road.

Vehicular parking, truck loading areas, and 5’ pedestrian sidewalks shall be provided throughout The Village at Malcom Bridge with ADA ramps and crosswalks as necessary. The site will be extensively landscaped around the perimeter with a mix of landscaping and hardscaping around central common areas and focal points. The primary drive and parking areas will be paved asphalt with a 24” concrete curb and gutter.

The Village at Malcom Bridge will have a full access drive at the main entrance on Malcom Bridge Road, which aligns with Fern Hill Road, and a full access drive at the rear entrance on Lenru Road, which aligns with Arlington. Inter-parcel access will be provided throughout the development and will be available to the adjacent parcel at the northern property line, if desired, for future development.

Local Schools within 2 miles

The Village at Malcom Bridge is located across the street from Malcom Bridge Elementary and Middle Schools. North Oconee High School and Rocky Branch Elementary School are less than 2 miles from The Village at Malcom Bridge. The new restaurants, stores, other businesses, and green space will directly benefit local schools as well as the multiple sport team activities played on a daily basis at Veterans Park and other surrounding recreational areas by offering a convenient alternative for families, friends, and teams to gather after practice and games.


All buildings, monuments, and other vertical structures shall have complimentary design features, colors, and materials. Exterior wall surfaces shall be either brick veneer, stone veneer, cement-based siding, stucco, or glass. Roof materials shall include architectural tab shingles, tile, slate, wooden shakes, or standing seam metal. The minimum roof pitch is 6:12 for gables or hipped roofs. The maximum building height is 35 feet. Chimneys and cupolas are allowed. roof‐mounted equipment such as solar panels and HVAC units are prohibited as well as outside neon lighting and signs higher than the eaves line of the roof.

Clean Utilities


All utilities shall be underground and utilities include power, water, sanitary sewer, telephone, gas, cable TV, and internet access.

Garbage collection will be handled by private sanitation services. Enclosed dumpsters and/or compactors will be provided throughout the development as necessary. It is intended that the dumpsters are located conveniently for tenants, but with minimal adverse effects to the aesthetics and comfort of customers, pedestrians, and outdoor seating areas.





The Village at Malcom Bridge is focused on bringing quality shopping, dining, and professional offices with a focus on community accessibility.


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